Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Smokejack BBQ (Alpharetta, GA)

29 South Main Street
Alpharetta, GA 30009

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Smokejack BBQ is a cool little place in old downtown Alpharetta. I'm not sure where modern-upscale fits in the world of BBQ, but that's the best way to describe it. If dive BBQ joints are your thing, then I would definitely suggest going elsewhere. I've actually eaten here a couple times and never been too impressed, but who knew...maybe this time would be exceptionally different.

We ordered some fried pickles to start and split a three meat combo. None of the food here comes cheap. The "Mojo Combo" sets you back right under $18. We picked the pulled pork, brisket, and turkey for our meats. For the sides, we opted for baked beans and coleslaw. Smokejack does have some interesting sauces here though including a white Alabama-style sauce, a Carolina mustard sauce, a KC style sauce, and their Pasilla sauce which left the worst aftertaste in my mouth...maybe hints of cinnamon? Your best bet is probably the KC sauce.     

The brisket was a crumbly mess. Not much flavor here and fell apart when you picked it up. Strike one.

The turkey was more grilled than smoked. It even had the grill marks on it. I was looking forward to some good smoked turkey on this chilly day, and this was way off the mark. Even the texture was rubbery. Strike two.

The last meat that just might offer up some BBQ redemption was the pulled pork. After all, Georgia LOVES pulled pork done right. Unfortunately, this came up short as well. There wasn't a lot of flavor here and was kind of just a mushy, microwave-tasting mess. Strike three for Smokejack. There might be a crowd for this "upscale" BBQ, but I'm currently not part of it. The sides didn't do much for this below-average meal either.

This $18 dollar meal wasn't worth half the price. I hate seeing establishments charge top dollar for bottom shelf goods. I'd like to see Smokejack take a little more pride in their BBQ, but unfortunately I probably won't be back to see.


  1. Spot on again. Well maybe. I'd give them a 1/2 star more for the habanero pepper sauce. Id never seen that before. Usually it's with tabasco's. Anywho, Great Job! Thanks for wasting your money on crappy BBQ so we don't have to.

  2. Thank you guys for your support. The hunt continues!

  3. I've only been once, but their burnt ends were the best I've had.

  4. Good review. Cue BBQ is taking over in this area; however, we need a Community Q or Fox Brothers to have really good BBQ.

  5. You should try their ribs....NOT. They are reheated and burnt on the grill.

  6. Thank you for the review. They kind of reminded me of a "chain BBQ" feel (though i know they are not one). I did not think they were terrible but at the same time did not find them to be anything special eitehr.
    The time i had the burnt ends i did find them to be quit tasty. Also i never had "alabama white sauce" before so the place was interesting to me in that respect.

  7. I live in the area and go all the time. Smokejack has above average bbq and has really only disappointed me on one visit. Burnt ends stand out and the smoked wings are good. The brisket is better some days than others and the pork requires sauce. Overall, it's the best bbq in Alpharetta. Cue has gone downhill since they expanded. Their ribs are heavily sauced and taste like backyard bbq finished on a grill to add char. No smoke at all. Their bread is great though...homemade buns and toast.

  8. Hit or miss. Place used to be great, then bad, then got good again, now not so much. Fried pickles are the one item I've never been disappointed with there. Hubby likes the burnt ends when they're not too dried out. I like the ribs, when they're not too fatty or tough. So if I have to keep adding qualifiers and caveats, it's time to move on. Swallow in the hollow is back on my #1 list.