Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Mustard Seed B-B-Q (Atlanta, GA)

826 Westmont Drive
Atlanta, GA 30311

If suburban BBQ spots in close proximity to the nearest country club is your thing, then the Mustard Seed BBQ might not be the best place for you. Located in the heart of Atlanta off of I-20, this husband and wife team from Miami have been serving up ribs and chicken for the last six years. There are two locations within a mile of each other, but on this Wednesday for lunch I decided to visit the Westmont location. 

This business was definitely designed around take-out orders. There's enough seating at the high-top bar area for about six or seven people. You could smell the sweet smoke in the air. There are pretty much two options here to order: chicken or pork spare ribs...on a sandwich or as a combo. The friendly staff took my order, and after about five minutes I was given my chicken and ribs combo. For under $15 you can get a half chicken, five ribs, and two sides which pretty fair. I'd rather see a place with a smaller, concise menu allowing them to focus on a couple of things instead of overextending and under-delivering. 

If you read my blog at all you know that I'm more of a brisket and sausage guy. Unfortunately, a lot of places in Georgia don't cater to my Texas based needs but it's getting better. It doesn't mean I don't love some good smoked chicken though. The problem you'll see too often with chicken is it drying out. If you can manage to get some smoke into your chicken and still keep it moist in the white meat areas, then you've got something good. 

The ribs and chicken both had a high-heat flavor to them. I'm not sure how hot their smokers burn, but there's a difference in taste with something that's been smoked at 200 degrees or 500 (at least to me there is). I'd guess that they probably use charcoal to fuel the pits, but like I didn't get a good look. The best part was that both the ribs and the chicken were extremely juicy. The flavors on both were phenomenal. Both meats had just the right amount of rub to complement them. The ribs were a little tough and could've sat in the smoker a tad longer, but that would be my only complaint here. I don't have much to say about the beans (out of the can) or the mac 'n cheese (overcooked and falling apart) because they shouldn't really change your opinion on getting some quality BBQ at this downtown spot. Nothing comes with their sweet mustard BBQ sauce on it, but it makes for great dipping for the fluffy white bread that comes along with your meal. 

If chicken and ribs are your thing, then make a to-go stop at the Mustard Seed. They do a couple things really well and are a far better option than some of the other downtown rib joints that bake and grill their ribs. Flavorful food served up by some great people

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