Friday, November 25, 2011

DBA Barbecue (Atlanta, GA)

1190 North Highland Ave.
Atlanta, GA 30306

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Doing business as...barbecue. This Florida Gator haven has a love for smoked meats and obviously takes it seriously. With their restaurant only being open a couple years, they have moved up quickly through the ranks as one of the Atlanta public's favorite BBQ joints. When we recently showed up for a Georgia BBQ Hunt stop, it was a rainy Monday night and the smell of smoke was in the air. There wasn't a huge crowd here, but there really wasn't a big crowd anywhere in the Virginia Highlands area. As soon as I walked in I spoke with the man at the front of the restaurant who I quickly learned was the owner, Matt. Matt has a love for BBQ that was easily recognized within the first couple of minutes of talking to him. He was kind enough to take me on a tour, proudly showing off their new Southern Pride smoker that had recently arrived to accommodate the ever growing business at DBA. Once he finished showing me around and talking BBQ, Jamie, John, Staci, and I sat down to enjoy some of DBA's best.

Between all four of us, we ordered their highly touted smoked wings, brisket, sausage, and all you can eat rib tips. There was no way we were leaving hungry. For our sides we went with the fresh green beans, mac 'n cheese, and baked beans. I've heard first rate things about their brisket and I have to say that it was pretty darn good. It had a nice thick bark with good smoky beef flavor. The pieces I got were pretty thick, but the brisket was cooked well enough that it didn't matter. It went fast. No sauce needed here. I was a little let down with the sausage though, which isn't made in-house. It's halved and then finished on the grill which I feel leaves it a little dry. The flavor was decent but I've definitely had better sausage elsewhere. I still appreciate the fact they offer it though considering brisket and sausage rarely make an appearance at most Georgia BBQ restaurants.

The wings that we tried are first smoked and then finished in the deep fryer. The texture on these wings is perfect. They weren't overcooked and had a nice crunchy exterior. I was just a little disappointed that there wasn't more smoke flavor evident. If I would have known prior, I wouldn't have been able to tell you if they were smoked or not. The rib tips were average considering it's really hard to make exceptional rib tips. We definitely took full advantage of the "all you can eat" option though. As far as the spare ribs went, they were fresh, smoky, tender, but a little underseasoned. I'm not sure how long DBA has had their new Southern Pride smoker, but they certainly have their cook times figured out already. Our sides were average and didn't really add anything or take away anything from the meal.

One of the things worth noting at DBA is their offering of moonshine...yes, moonshine. This is something that really sets them apart from any of the BBQ restaurants that GBH has visited. They have everything from apple to lemonade flavors depending on your preference. We tried some of the Georgia corn moonshine mixed with Whynatte. I can honestly say it tasted 100 times better than it sounded and was a great end to a great night. The food here is good and the atmosphere and hospitality just makes the experience even better. These guys at DBA have a love for BBQ that I hope continues to power their success in the Atlanta area. I wouldn't be surprised if their food gets even better next time we visit.

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