Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sconyers Bar-B-Que (Augusta, GA)

2250 Sconyers Way
Augusta, GA 30906

I've been wanting to try Sconyers Bar-B-Que in Augusta, GA for quite some time now. They have limited hours being only open Thursday-Saturday which has caused me to miss them a number of times while driving through. However, this past week's timing was finally on my side. There was a time in the 1980's when Sconyers was even mentioned in the same sentences as some as the nation's top BBQ spots. People Magazine (not greatly known for BBQ information) did a piece in 1989 which ranked them as one of the top ten BBQ destinations in the nation. You can read the full article here.

When you pull into the gravel parking lot it's hard not to think that you're visiting some kind of BBQ theme park. The scene here tries to take you back to the 1800's during the plantation era. Old farming equipment lines the covered walkway as you pass the fish ponds. Once in the main door, you're greeted by women wearing bonnets and Southern 1800'esue clothing. I found this extremely odd. I just wanted some good food. I've seen at numerous BBQ establishments that if they can get the customers to THINK that the BBQ is the real deal before they eat it, then they have no choice but to agree. This is evident with all of the fake open pits out there, "Best BBQ in the World!" claims, and in this case, faux-Southern garb and props. It's not a bad business strategy, and I don't blame them...just try not to get fooled.  

When I sat down, the sweetest lady came to greet me and take my order. Once my drink order was placed, I was immediately left with a whole loaf of white bread and full pitcher of sweat tea. Looking at the other tables, I noticed that this was the normal procedure here. I waited only a couple minutes before my order was taken. Literally, after two minutes my food was ready and brought to the table. The service here was outstanding, and I can't say enough good things about it. Since this was my first time ever at Sconyers, I opted for the "Plantation Platter." It included two spare ribs, chicken, chopped beef, pulled pork, coleslaw, and hash with rice (which I've never had before). The portions were huge and actually worth the $20 price tag. It could've easily fed 3-4 people. 

The beef here had absolutely no smoke flavor. I joke about sometimes overcooked brisket having "pot roast" type qualities, but this was just that. It was over cooked and covered in a sweet, gravy-like sauce. The ribs tasted parboiled and then grilled. They had a sweet glaze finish that wasn't very appetizing. So far I wasn't impressed with all. The pulled pork was dry and also equally flavorless. The only redeeming part of my meal was the smoked chicken. It was seasoned well and had obvious smoky flavor. It was a little dry, but I was glad to at least end my meal on a positive note. Another things worth noting is the hash served with rice. I've never had hash before and the best thing I can describe it as would be putting thick Brunswick stew in a blender until it was an even consistency. It wasn't my favorite thing ever, but I didn't hate it either.

The service at Sconyers is outstanding, and I'm sure has something to do with so many repeat/loyal customers. The chicken was the only thing that even had a hint of BBQ flavor though. It seems to be Augusta's premier spot for BBQ right now, although I think we can find a better alternative soon.

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  1. Next time you're at Sconyers, try the turkey! It's amazing! The hash and rice will grow on you too! :)

  2. I am confused you are on a Ga BBQ hunt but had never eaten hash and rice? Must be new to Ga BBQ.

  3. Ain't worth a shit no flavor these folks don't know barbeque came down for masters won't be back

    1. We don't need your fake bbq taste anyways.

  4. That article you read was published in 1989 like you said.. Sconyers is no longer in the ranking amongst the nation's top BBQ pitstops. IMO Perry Pig in Augusta, Ga is a far better BBQ restaurant for the money.