Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Iron Pig BBQ & Stew (Jefferson, GA)

121 Epps Street
Jefferson, GA 30549

Iron Pig BBQ & Stew

Just as we were leaving Cabin Creek BBQ and on our way to our next BBQ destination, something caught our eyes driving through Jefferson, GA. It was a huge locomotive smoker that was part of some type of BBQ complex. I immediately pulled a u-turn to take a closer look. When we parked in the gravel lot, I noticed the enclosed cinder block pit smokehouse in addition to the gargantuan steam engine smoker. We had arrived at Iron Pig BBQ & Stew. I'd heard the name before, but only as a competition BBQ team. Over the loud speakers you could hear the funeral of legendary UGA Bulldog announcer, Larry Munson. This was like some kind of BBQ oasis. There were a couple of picnic tables available, but most of the locals were there for the take-out. After taking a closer look at both of the smokers, we excitedly stepped up to the Christmas light adorned shack and placed our order.

The menu items here are few including ribs, pulled pork, and chicken. I love ribs and had good luck at Cabin Creek so we ordered half of a rack and some pork sliders. We quickly found out that Iron Pig sells out of their ribs by lunchtime every day so we were out of luck. We went with the only other two meats left, the pulled pork and chicken half. The staff here was extremely courteous and let us know that if we call ahead of time we can always reserve some of their pork ribs.

The special today was a pulled pork slider. The pork was dry and covered in a heavy vinegar sauce. The same went for the chicken half. There wasn't a lot of smoke flavor on either types of meat. We had high hopes for one of the coolest BBQ places I've seen and this just wasn't their day. I did find their baked beans to be interesting. Filled with chunks of ground beef, various beans, onions, and bacon, it was probably my favorite part of the meal. The Brunswick stew was almost too peppery too enjoy.

I'd love to come back to Iron Pig
for some of their ribs, but on this day the food we had was below average. What we thought might be a diamond in the rough just turned out to be dry, flavorless meats.

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