Monday, August 15, 2011

Jack's Old South 1 (Braselton, GA)

6323 Grand Hickory Drive
Braselton, GA 30517

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Pitmaster, Myron Mixon is no stranger to BBQ. After worldwide success in competition BBQ, he can often be seen on TLC, Food Network, Discovery Channel, and Travel Channel competing or offering up quality grilling and BBQ advice. When I found out that his very own BBQ joint was within driving distance of me, I knew we had to go as soon as possible. The Georgia Barbecue Hunt now had Jack's Old South 1 locked in its sight. We were already visiting a good friend this weekend in South Carolina and Jack's was conveniently on the way. We couldn't have asked for better circumstance. 

Jamie and I left after work on Friday afternoon looking forward to the weekend and looking forward to Jack's Old South 1. We haven't had the best luck at the last couple Georgia Barbecue Hunt stops so it was about time we enjoyed some quality BBQ. It was the start to a great weekend and we were ready for what Myron was cookin' up. When you arrive to Jack's Old South 1 you wonder if you're in the right place. It was a little newer than I expected and a lot cleaner. These aren't bad things at all by any means, but for some reason you always just assume that BBQ joints are going to be a little more run down and a little bit older. Jack's sits unassumingly at the corner of a newer shopping center with no hints of being owned by the famous Myron Mixon. In some ways it reminded me of Sam's BBQ 1 in Marietta. When we walked in there were about seven customers ahead of us. This gives you time to admire some of the trophies and giant prize checks from Myron's competitive team that are proudly displayed in this cozy BBQ joint. When it was our time to order we noticed a simple menu offering chicken, pulled pork, or ribs in different sizes and variations. I went with the half rack of pork back ribs with coleslaw and apple baked beans while Jamie ordered the pulled pork sandwich with crinkle cut fries. They also offer Brunswick stew and potato salad as other side options.

Within five minutes Jamie's food was brought out. While we waited we had time to try Jack's original BBQ sauces. They offer two different sauces here: a vinegar sauce and then a sweet and tangy tomato based sauce. Both sauces were good. The sweet sauce had some kick but was a little too sweet for my liking. The vinegar wasn't too strong and actually one of the better vinegar based sauces we've tried. It could complement the food more than overpower or conceal it. Overall they were both pretty tasty. Sauce is all about personal preference though. We waited about ten minutes for my ribs which I thought was kind of strange since BBQ is usually already prepared and just needs to be portioned out and put on a plate. I asked one of the servers about the wait and they surprisingly realized that my ticket had been lost. Within another five minutes the food was apologetically delivered.

The ribs arrive already sauced. The sauce used on them tasted a little different than either of the ones offered at the table. It was extremely sweet and I noticed there wasn't much of a rub underneath. They were tender and pretty effortless to get off the bone although there wasn't any smoke flavor present. I asked our waitress just to make sure they're smoked and not baked and she said they smoke them on average for about six hours. I wasn't convinced, but finished the rest of them nonetheless. To be honest, I was a little disappointed. There was no real smoky flavor or any evidence that wood had been used in the cooking process. After about the fourth rib the sweetness of the sauce used was starting to become less appetizing. I tried some of the apple baked beans which are also pretty sweet and have very strong apple flavoring. The coleslaw is chopped, not shredded, and mayonnaise based. It wasn't anything special but definitely enjoyable. They also serve a fresh roll with your meal which was a nice added touch. Overall my meal was a little disappointing. When you hear of all of Myron Mixon's accomplishments, it sets a pretty high bar before you even try it. Now it was time to try Jamie's pulled pork sandwich.

The pulled pork is served on two fresh white buns and sprinkled with some of their very own pork rub. The pork for the sandwich is almost packed into a hamburger patty shape which we both found to be a little different. It had great flavor and was definitely some of the better pulled pork we've tried so far. It tasted fresh and had a lot of flavor. The only complaint was that it was a bit dry. I found that the vinegar sauce was a great companion for the meat though while Jamie dipped the rest of hers into the sweet sauce. The fries were cooked perfectly and just your standard crinkle cut fries. The pulled pork sandwich easily showed up my half rack of ribs. We both cleared our plates, got a sweet tea to go, and then headed up I-85.

We left Jack's Old South 1 a little disappointed since we had such high hopes. The food wasn't the best we've had, but it was far from the worst. If I'm ever back in Braselton, Georgia I'd like to try my luck with some of the BBQ chicken. The pulled pork was decent while the ribs and baked beans were too sweet for my personal liking. I didn't taste too much wood flavoring or rub in the ribs which was a little disappointing.

It's obvious that Myron Mixon can make some of the best BBQ in the world, but this wasn't even the best BBQ in Georgia. I wouldn't plan a road trip or anything around Jack's Old South 1, but if you're in the area I'd definitely stop in to try it and pay homage to one of competition BBQ's best teams.


  1. Wow! Honestly, I'm not surprised. Great Post, but I think you gave him one too many stars. Perhaps because of who he is..?

  2. If I gave half stars they would've received two and a half. It definitely did not live up to my high hopes.

  3. I love the blog, Dustin!

    I was also disappointed when I tried this place. There are a few things to keep in mind though. I'm pretty sure this is just a franchise. I'm also pretty sure they are cooking on indoor smokers, something along the lines of a southern pride smoker. I'm frankly surprised that Myron is lending his name to a franchise like this, considering his reputation. While they use his rubs and sauces, they come no where near the caliber of his competition Q.

    Keep those reviews coming!

  4. I'll keep 'em coming! And I agree. Anytime you hear that someone like this has their name affiliated with a place, you think it'll be some of the best BBQ around. That wasn't the case.

  5. Haven't tried this one, but ate at Myron's pit in Cordele before it closed and was very disappointed. Below average pork, nothing at all like his competition 'cue. He is trying to franchise Jack's Old South restaurants. Don't know whether the one is a franchise, or the prototype; suspect the latter.

  6. While the place has the Mixon name, I do not believe that he is actually involved in the food prep. I ate there once and found it lacking. Had it been XYZ barbecue, I simply wouldn't have cared for it, but to have a world champ's name associated with it made it even more disappointing.

  7. Myron was there for the grand opening, but this is a franchise (the only one I think). I have been several times, but think it is only above average which is disappointing.