Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Critic's Critic

I love barbecue. I always have. I always will. I have respect for the folks that do it well, and want to encourage those who don't. When we walk into any barbecue restaurant we hope for the best. The restaurant business is competitive. Everyone knows that. The last thing I feel like anyone needs is someone going into their restaurant looking for any excuse to shred their credibility and post it all over the internet. This isn't right. If you truly loved something you'd like to see others succeed. Families have often worked hard for what they own and it's not my job to take that lightly. Sure, we're going to be disappointed at times, but I want to see more good places succeed and take what they do seriously by offering consistant, respectable food. We take it seriously and so should they. We're here to offer unbiased, informative reviews for anyone who's interested in barbecue.

No other reasons. Plain and simple.

We hope you join us.

Photo courtesy of BruceK/Flickr

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