Friday, November 11, 2011

Fox Brothers BBQ (Atlanta, GA)

1238 Dekalb Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30307

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It seems like every great and sometimes every not so great BBQ place has a story worth telling. This story started in Texas. Two brothers, born and raised in Texas, moved to Georgia out of college. After putting together annual BBQ house parties for friends, they eventually started selling the near-famous BBQ at Smith's Old Bar once a week. The food was instantly a local hit and not long after, Fox Brothers BBQ was born.

When I first walked in, I instantly liked the style of this place. I'm ok letting you know that beforehand. I always want BBQ joints to succeed and live up to high standards, but at the same time it's all personal preference. The whole premise for my blog is personal preference and finding your best BBQ. Hopefully I can lead you in the right direction though. If you don't agree or like it then you can leave a comment, stop reading my blog, or even start your own. It won't hurt my feelings. It's all in the spirit of finding great BBQ though, and that's what I aim to do. The Fox brothers are proud of where they came from and I like that about them. The walls in the restuarant are sporatically covered with Texas state flags, vintage Lone Star beer signs, and sports memorabilia. It really feels like like Justin and Jonathon Fox made a cool place that they could hang out with their friends that also happens to serve BBQ. The Georgia BBQ Hunt team would shortly find out how good this BBQ was though. We walked in at about 8 PM on a Thursday and there was a pretty good crowd. We ordered a couple of Lone Stars while we perused the menu and hoped that the Fox Brothers reputation would be well fulfilled.

There are a couple of things that I had to try and you don't see very often here in Georgia. The first is Frito Pie. For those of you who have never experienced this treat, it's usually just Frito chips topped with chili, cheese, and onions. There are a ton of different variations but most all of them will include that. The other item offered is "Foxaroni." I've honestly never seen this anywhere and I'm a little surprised. It's simply Brunswick stew mixed with mac 'n cheese. I'm sure we've all had this by chance at one time or another mixed on a plate, but this side was an intentional marriage of two of the best BBQ sides you'll find. For our appetizer we ordered a half order of fried pickles and a half order of fried jalapeƱos. For a couple dollars, these lightly battered and fried veggies didn't disappoint. We tried our best to save most of our appetite for the "Everything Plate." In addition to the Frito pie and Foxaroni, we ordered the Fox Brothers homemade pork sausage, fried ribs, brisket, and pulled pork. 

The first thing that I'll say is that the Texas boys sure know how to cook some brisket. You'll be hard pressed to find better brisket anywhere in Georgia. The fat was properly rendered throughout the flavorful, tender meat all surrounded by a thick salty bark. There was a distinct, but not too heavy, smoky flavor present as well. I felt like everything really paled in comparison to the brisket we tried. And not because any of it was below average, but because they do such a good job with their brisket. The ribs were crispy and juicy, but still had a great pork flavor. The pulled pork was tender and smoky while the homemade sausage had a nice snap and wasn't too greasy. I was happy to see these guys live up to their reputation. They can hold their own anywhere, and I expect to see big things ahead for the Brothers Fox. I will definitely be back soon to sample some of their other specialties such as the smoked wings. Well done, gentlemen.  


  1. Yes Yes Yes Yes!!!! I couldn't agree more with this post. These dudes are legit. For the moment it is my FAVORITE BBQ joint in ALL of Atlanta. I couldn't think of a better spot to receive the coveted 5 star award. Great post Dustin. Great job Jonathan and Justin Fox.

  2. Wow the elusive 5 star GBH rating! Now you got me craving a Foxaroni.

  3. Glad you all agree...if you find any suggestions of places to try, let me know. Looking to make a road trip to Southern Soul soon.

  4. Have you tried Heirloom BBQ in Cobb Co? Their brisket is the best I have had in the metro area.

    Also the Korean Pork BBQ Sandwich & Tempura Sweet Potatoes are worth the trip!

    It's at least 4-star worthy, if not 5-star!

  5. Here's a tip for Fox Brothers: Order the special of the day. You'll never be disappointed.

  6. Smoked Short Rib is the best special. Good bark, with juicy meat that falls off the bone.